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Seymour Duncan Mini Guitar Pickups

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Just like the electric guitars he plays and tinkers with, Seymour Duncan grew up in the 1950s and '60s and has been going strong ever since. Most great artists have a defining moment, and for Duncan, that was when he had to re-wind a broken pickup by hand (using a record player of all things) and discovered that it sounded even better afterward. That was a trend that's stuck with him throughout his career, as he's worked on instruments for the likes of George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Peter Frampton - and they always come out sounding better when he's done. If you're looking for that magic touch for your own guitar, one of these Seymour Duncan mini guitar pickups could be the answer.

To get your hands on the most distinctive Seymour Duncan tone in this section, you might want to start with a look at the Seymour Duncan SM-3B Seymourized Mini Humbucker Pickup. This model combines high-carbon steel blades with bottom-loaded Alnico V magnets to deliver tone that's clear and detailed, with tons of midrange and amazing versatility. On the other hand, if a more classic sound is what you're after, then the Seymour Duncan SM1-N Vintage Mini Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup could be the way to go - it's designed to replicate the original Gibson Firebird and Les Paul mini humbuckers, with a certain warmth that really shines on softer tonewoods like mahogany or swamp ash, paired with rosewood fingerboards.

Of course, Seymour Duncan mini guitar pickups can deliver great performance on virtually any guitar, and choosing one to add to your instrument is as much a matter of taste as anything else. With the capability to drive your choice of effects units and no problem whatsoever handling high volume levels, these mini humbuckers can tackle all kinds of genres and playing styles. So no matter which one is the best fit for your personal sound, these are definitely pickups that you can count on to go the extra mile.