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From day one, Numark has earned their reputation. As one of only a handful of original DJ brands that continues to thrive, Numark is responsible for a number of firsts in the industry. Among these is the first DJ mixer with a built-in sampler. These sorts of innovations have resulted in a list of awards and endorsements a mile long; they have also led Numark to become one of the most respected names in the music world today.

Both new school and old school performers have trusted Numark and their mixers for years. Names as well-known as Barry Carew, T-Pain, Lady Starlight, the Birdy Nam Nam crew, and Wasabi all trust their Numark mixers to get the job done when they take the stage. Now it's your turn to hit the circuit with a Numark mixer of your very own. If you're ready to take your rollin' and scratchin' seriously, a Numark mixer is definitely right for you.

But which one of these mixers is going to get the job done? As you can imagine, that's going to come down to personal preference. Your best bet might be to check out some of our top sellers and taking things from there. For example, the M6 USB DJ Mixer is a great option that offers complete computer integration. This mixer delivers plenty of flexibility with its four channels, including a dedicated XLR microphone channel and secondary mic input. By allowing you to mix nearly anything, this fantastic USB mixer gives you smooth operation at a price you'll appreciate.

Another popular option from Numark is the M2 DJ Mixer. This 2-channel mixer will bring your itch to scratch center stage. From the club, to a wedding reception, and anywhere in between, this mixer offers inputs for turntables, CD players, and more. When you want to get your audience up and moving, this mixer is definitely right for you.

And these are only two of the great mixers that Numark has available for you. Whether you're a hobbyist, a professional, or somewhere in between, you can rest assured that you'll always be at your best with a Numark mixer.