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No pro audio setup would be complete without a mixer, and that's doubly true for DJs. It's the one piece of hardware that ties everything else together, connecting to interfaces, turntables, digital audio sources and more. A great mixer does more than just combine audio, too: with high-end models like what you'll find in the lineup of Rane mixers, you can also expect a ton of powerful functions like built-in effects, EQ controls, USB connectivity and plenty of other things that make your life a little easier in the booth.

One of the best things that Rane has ever done was to join forces with Serato, makers of the standard-setting Scratch Live DJ software. Mixers in the "Sixty" series are all natively designed to help you get the most out of Scratch Live, which makes for a software-hardware team that's really intuitive and easy to use. Even if you've never DJed with Scratch Live before, the natural feel of controlling it with a Rane mixer will get you into the groove faster than you might ever expect. Better yet, these mixers are great for more than just their software support: they also have amazing build quality, with features like no-noise, no-bleed, no-contact magnetic faders to make sure your performance is always silky-smooth.

Are you a powerhouse DJ with a ton of rack-mounted equipment to connect? If so, be sure to check out the Rane MP 2016S 6-Channel Rotary Mixer. This rack-mountable beast will fit right in with all your other equipment, and its four dedicated preamps can handle any DJ's workload. Want an even more powerful setup? No problem: just add on the XP 2016S expander to take things to the next level with dedicated tone controls, A-post-B crossfader assign switches, high-end active crossfader and a stereo, 10-segment peak dBu master/cue meter with peak hold. Expanding the MP 2016S with this external processor will turn the already outstanding mixer into a total powerhouse.

It's no secret who the target audience is for Rane mixers: these are serious, professional-grade pieces of equipment made for DJs and pro audio enthusiasts who demand only the best hardware they can get their hands on. If that description sounds like you, then you're in the right place to find the mixer of your dreams.