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About Modtone:

Modtone only had one goal when they first started out in 2007. Get guitar effects out there to any many guitarists as possible. And with their lineup of affordable yet extremely powerful pedals, they've been able to do just that. By focusing on sound quality over everything else, Modtone offers some of the most popular and innovative effects out there, with their catalog growing every year. Easy to use, durably constructed and made for the masses, you'll be making music for years to come with these unique and playable effects and accessories.

With a collection as complete as Modtone's it only makes sense to think about what you need as a musician before diving right into this section. Are you interested in exploring some classic effects? Then start your search with something like the best-selling Modtone Mini-Mod Delay Guitar Effects Pedal. Blending both analog and digital technologies, this three knob, true-bypass pedal is one of the most popular on the market. Producing a rich, warm tone and offering unparalleled precision, this is the perfect pedal for experimenting with your sound.

If you're here for something heavier though, definitely check out the Modtone MT-EM Extreme Metal Guitar Effects Pedal. Boutique-style, this true bypass pedal has outrageous gain levels as well as an earth-shattering low end allowing you to craft your metal tone as you see fit. And with a dual concentric knob construction, you'll have full control over every aspect of your sound.

On top of that you'll also find tuners, power supplies, pedalboards, cable packs and more in this section. Used and endorsed by headliners like Bootsy Collins, Tommy Bolan, Davy Knowles and so many other artists, you can also have peace of mind knowing that serious performers use this exact gear as well. So if you're ready to open up a whole new world of music to yourself, start with a Modtone.