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Every percussionist knows how beneficial it is to own a good pair of mounted toms. Whether they're being used to add color to a performance or simply to make complicated fills easier to play, toms make a great addition to any drummer's kit, and Yamaha's extensive line of mounted toms are praised by drummers from around the globe. Whether you're a touring professional or an amateur enthusiast, Yamaha has a mounted tom for every taste and playing style, from birch and oak models to hybrid maple shells and more.

With so many mounted toms to pick from, you might be wondering which model is right for you. Before making a decision, it never hurts to understand the characteristics of certain woods and metals that tom shells are made of. For example, birch toms are known for their versatility, short decay and snappy attack, and the Stage Custom Birch Tom is a popular seller. Featuring a staggered diagonal seam shell, low-mass lugs for superior tone quality, and finished in an eye-catching high-gloss lacquer, this tom would be a definite upgrade to any drummer's kit.

Maple toms are also used by many drummers, and often favored for their warm tone and exceptional resonance. In fact, you might've noticed that Yamaha offers a wide range of hybrid maple toms in many different sizes and colors, and the Absolute Hybrid Maple 12"x 9" red autumn tom sounds as stunning as it looks. Developed over three years in collaboration with artists from various genres, this tom's design features a core ply of African hard wood called wenge. Sandwiched between plies of maple, this combination makes for a tone that's crystal-clear and pleasing to the ear. Simply put, the Absolute Hybrid Maple tom is a true work of art that will certainly impress any passionate percussionist.

You can never have too many drums on your kit. Of course, the pieces you choose for your set should still be capable of holding up both physically and sonically through countless amounts of hard-hitting abuse. With that in mind, drummers from around the world trust the Yamaha name for a good reason, and the second you play their mounted toms, you'll quickly understand why.