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For every instrument on the market today, there is a tool that will fix it or make playing it easier. These tools range from regular devices that most musicians have kicking around to specialty utensils with very unique purposes. Of course, one thing to remember before you repair, restore or completely overhaul any instrument is to use the right tool for the job. With that in mind, you don't need to look any further than this section for a wide range of multi-function tools to perform a job quickly, effectively and safely.

When it comes to specific tasks like spring placement and adjustment, a fantastic multi-function tool to have on hand is the Valentino Spring Hook Tool. It's designed with a push-pull spring hook on one side to simplify moving stubborn strings and a scraper tool on the other that helps to keep dried adhesive from clogging up the cups when you're switching out pads. Even a seemingly-difficult chore like smoothing out the surface of your instrument can be easier with a multi-function tool: the Allied Music Supply Rawhide Mallet is made with a non-marring head that won't upset the finish of your instrument.

There are also multi-function tools here that are just straight-up cool. Take for example, the Pick Punch Standard 351. It takes just about any piece of plastic and turns it into the pick that's about an inch tall by an inch wide (the shape that most guitarists use). Do you have a gift card that's all used up or expired? Don't throw it out - transform it into a homemade pick with this fun tool.

You should never take chances when it comes to repairing or changing out parts on your instrument. Through proper research and using of one or more of these multi-function tools, your instrument will always be in the best shape possible. So dive into this catalog any time now and see which multi-function tools you need to get the job done!