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Having great production ideas is one thing, but in order to share your artistic flair with an audience, you need to be rigged with high-quality DAW software that's bursting with the necessary tools to hone your craft with. For that, look no further than Ableton to provide you with a wide range of music software for creating impressive works of art in the recording studio.

Music software is constantly expanding on what it can do for you in the control room, and Ableton's line of packages are a perfect example. In fact, Ableton Live lets you make changes without stopping, and even capture everything as you work. Loaded with sounds, instruments, kits and loops for making any kind of music, Ableton Live is easy to install and even easier to use.

With so many software packages to choose from, you're probably wondering which one is right for you. If you're new to Ableton Live, check out the Live 9 Suite Educational Version. Ideal for students and teachers, this is actually the latest iteration of one of the top-rated DAWs available. With Live 9, you can browse for new sounds, record automation directly into clips, improve your sound with studio effects, and even take your performance to the stage. Another popular option is the Live 9 Intro. Featuring the essentials of Live 9, this package has over 700 sounds, 3 instruments and 26 effects. Additionally, the Arrangement View takes a more timeline-based approach to multitrack recording and MIDI sequencing, allowing you to do what you do best both quickly and efficiently.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a modern recording studio that doesn't contain music software, and more often than not, professional audio engineers will tell you that Ableton Live is amongst the finest on the market today. Of course, even if you're an amateur hobbyist who's decking out a home studio, you can bet that Ableton has a software package for you.

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