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Music software might seem like a recent invention, but it actually dates back to the 1960s. With that being said, the digital revolution expanded music software in ways that were unimaginable 40 years ago. Today, practically anyone who is interested in making music can compose and perform without any prior musical training. More often than not, producers and audio engineers agree that Cakewalk is number 1 in the manufacture of pro-level DAW and music software. Since 1987, Cakewalk has been continuously pushing the envelope of what music software can do. In this section, you'll come across some of the many popular software series offered by Cakewalk, including Sonar and Rapture Pro. So what Cakewalk package is right for you? That depends on what you'd like to achieve, and how experienced you are with music software. For beginners, you might want to try something like the SONAR Artist bundle. Ideal for home recording projects, this software is an affordable means for bringing cutting-edge sequencing, recording, mixing and production to your personal studio setup. With it, you can record with unlimited audio/MIDI tracks; mix on a pro-quality mixing console with built-in EQ and much more. Along with 11 synths, 27 audio effects and a killer collection of features, the SONAR Artist bundle is excellent starter software for any aspiring producer. Or maybe you're already familiar with Cakewalk and want to broaden your musical creativity to even greater lengths - if so, try the SONAR Platinum On Demand Software Download. What you have here is the most complete version of SONAR yet. This advanced recording suite is packed full of features like VocalSync for tightening up vocal performances, REmatrix SOLO (a ProChannel version of the REmatrix convolution reverb) and an improved control bar for quicker access to your favorite tools. Simply put, there's no telling what kind of musical madness you can devise when you're armed with SONAR Platinum On Demand. In addition to these amazing packages, you'll find an extensive range of Cakewalk download upgrades for your virtual recording studio. The amount of best-selling bundles that make up these pages should give you a good indication of how incredible music software from Cakewalk actually is. Of course, reading about it doesn't compare to actually experiencing it firsthand, so take your pick any time now!