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Anyone involved in the field of sound effects and manipulation understands the influence of music software. Chances are, if you're a professional DJ, recording engineer or audio producer you have heard of Native Instruments. Responsible for some of the most cutting-edge virtual instruments and effects in the industry, Native Instruments are the provider of choice for music professionals and casual users all over the globe. When you're ready to take your sound booth effects or live shows to new levels of creativity, music software from Native Instruments will help you get you there.

Native Instruments was founded in 1996 with the commitment to provide innovative high end audio software. With the motto "The Future of Sound", and mission to develop fully-integrated effects for all styles and professions, Native Instruments gives you the tools to be at the top of your game.

If you are looking for the absolute cream of the crop in musical software with nearly limitless effects, try the Komplete 10 Ultimate with over 17,000 sounds and 440GB of effects for every aspect of the music industry. Whether you're a DJ, sound designer or live performer, this software package has something for you. If you're a want a top quality audio interface for studio or club use, try Native's flagship digital vinyl system, the Traktor Scratch A6. Easy to use, the Scratch is ideal for remixing decks or spinning MP3s and CDs, giving you excellent sound control and audio quality. Perhaps you're a home user and looking for an introduction into the field of music effects. The Komplete Elements Software gives you studio-quality tools and over 1,000 sound effects to choose from. This fun and user-friendly production suite has sounds ranging from acoustic drums, electronic beats, synthesizers and more.

With so many options to choose from, finding the right music software comes down to your needs and expectations. Take some time to browse through their impressive library to find the perfect solution. Whatever you decide, rest assured you're on the right track with Native Instruments music software.