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With a piece of equipment as essential and straightforward as a music stand, it can be easy to start thinking they're all the same. However, that's definitely not the case, and K&M music stands go a long way toward proving that not all stands are created equal. In fact, a lot depends on where you'll be setting up, how much the music stand will be transported and even on your personality and tastes. No matter what those particulars call for in your own case, K&M should have at least one stand model that's ready to take them on.

The most eye-catching stand in the lineup is, without a doubt, the K&M Rainbow Music Stand. That's not just a name: it's a description of the paint job. These colorful stands are perfect for kids looking for an upgrade from their school music program's basic wire stands, or for adult performers with a healthy sense of fun. Not only do they look amazing, they're also good performers, with sturdy construction that stands up well to frequent use.

If you're looking for a more traditional stand than the rainbow, K&M has a few options in the standard concert black: the Ruka Ultra Lightweight Music Stand, Heavy Duty Music Stand and Extra Heavy Duty Music Stand. Deciding between these three couldn't be simpler. As their names imply, they're designed to offer three different levels of balance between durability and weight. So, the Ruka would be the way to go if you want a featherlight, easy-to-carry stand, while the Extra Heavy Duty is for you if you don't mind carrying a heavier stand in exchange for really tough construction.

You've probably noticed that there's more than just the stands themselves in this section. That's because music doesn't hold itself to the stand, and if you're playing outdoors in breezy weather or even on a stage that's vibrating enough to shake your sheets loose, you'll want to give it a little help. K&M Music Clips and the Super Power Magnet are two handy options for making sure your papers stay put, so you won't have to miss a beat to pick a page back up.

Although the concept of a music stand is simple, building a great one definitely isn't. To create a stand that's lightweight, sturdy, durable and - in the Rainbow's case - unique, it takes a lot of work behind the scenes. Thankfully, K&M has put those hours in, and the result is an excellent line of music stands that deliver professional reliability even on beginner budgets.