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Since 1995, PreSonus has had the privilege of designing new and innovative solutions to help musicians create their music. In fact, their notation software is highly acclaimed among students and stage professionals alike for its incredible playback sounds, lightning-fast workflow and compatibility. Notation software has made it easier than ever to compose, edit and play scores, and in this section you'll clearly see why PreSonus notation software is the go-to choice of today's most accomplished performers. For those unfamiliar with notation software, it's used for the purpose of creating sheet music. The main benefit of notation software is that it cuts down on the time it would normally take to transcribe notes on paper. Notation software has the ability of interpreting notes and writing them down as you play. Of course, PreSonus notation software offers many additional features - just take a look at the Progression 3 Music Notation Software Download. Ideal for singers and musicians who play guitar, bass or keyboards, Progression allows you to enter parts and quickly create tabs, lead sheets and standard sheet music. You can compose your masterpieces on both Mac and Windows and even continue editing on an iPad or vice versa. Every sound on Progression was recorded at world-class professional studios so you can hear your parts played back with first-rate samples by virtuosos like Neil Zaza, Victor Wooten and Roy "Futureman" Wooten. Another popular choice is the Notion 5 Music Notation Software. In this package you can enter notes with ease thanks to the Notion 5's interactive fretboard, keyboard, and drum pad. Recording and editing MIDI data is a cinch with Notion, and it can even run with 64-bit or 32-bit addressing on Mac and Windows. Notion also just happens to be the only notation suite that works with a standalone iPad app. With all these features and many more, it's easy to see why Notion 5 is a best seller. PreSonus' headquarters is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - a city that's well-known for its incredible musical diversity. For this reason, PreSonus strives to provide helpful music tools and products for every taste and budget, and their notation software is no exception. There are other choices here as well (including download versions of both Progression 3 and Notion 5) - so take your pick, and you'll be crafting musical works of art effortlessly in no time.