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Creating sheet music has come a long way when you consider what today's line of music notation software is capable of. For those not in the know, notation software is used to transcribe and compose sheet music promptly and easily. Long gone are the days of writing down every note you play; with notation software, each note you hit is automatically transcribed as you play. While today's line of notation software is extensive, many professional musicians agree that Sibelius leads the way. With Sibelius notation software, you can create piano music, guitar tablature, chord names and even percussion notation. Sibelius First even gives you the option of creating music with a virtual computer if a MIDI controller isn't available. For a perfect idea of what Sibelius has to offer in this section, you don't need to look any further than the 7.5 Trade-up from Sibelius First or Sibelius Student. What you have here is Sibelius' latest upgrading path. With this notation software you can craft awe-inspiring music scores quicker than ever and even share audio and video versions of your work with realistic musical phrasing. From the incredible composing and editing features to the outstanding layout options, export options, attractive print fonts and more, Sibelius 7.5 allows you to broaden your creativity in more ways than you can imagine. Hopefully by now you're convinced that this is definitely the place to be for new music notation software. To quote choral composer John Rutter, "Sibelius does just about everything except think up the music for me." With high praise like that, you can bet that Sibelius' latest notation software upgrade will bring your music skills to the forefront in extraordinary ways. Grab this notation software today and see why it's getting rave reviews from today's most accomplished music composers and publishers.