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About NS Design:

If you're looking for the most variety in electric basses, NS Design is the answer. The company was founded in 1990 by Ned Steinberger, a woodworker who loved making guitar bodies and, over the years, developed a taste for bowed instruments as well. That naturally led him to the bass, which offered Ned the chance to indulge both of his passions with electric bass guitars and varying styles of upright bass. From there, he branched out into other electric bowed instruments like violin, viola and cello. Whether you're looking for an amazing bass or to bring digital versatility to your favorite orchestral strings, NS Design has the right choice for you.

If it's an axe that you're searching for, check out the NS Design CR4 and CR5 series. Each model comes in fretless and fretted varieties - for example, the 4-string CR4 Fretless Electric Bass Guitar or the 5-string CR5 RADIUS Bass Guitar. That gives you your choice of fingerboard as well as string count, so you can adapt your instrument to fully suit your playing style. Maybe you're after an upright bass instead? If that's the case, you've got even more to choose from, starting with the affordable NXT 4-String Electric Double Bass and running all the way to the CR Series CR-4M Electric Upright Double Bass.

When it comes to the violin, NS Design caters to every musician with the option of traditional fretless models like the CR4 4-String Electric Violin or fretted instruments such as the NXT5 Fretted Electric Violin. Are you a cellist? You'll have your pick of 4 or 5-string varieties with NS Design cellos as well. Once you've chosen your instrument, don't forget to take a look at accessories like the NS Design Bass Flight Case, End Pin Conversion Kit, Shoulder Strap System and Tripod Stand. These kinds of extras go a long way to making your instrument easier and more convenient to play and manage.

The best way to add versatility to your instrument is to make it an electric one. With an NS Design electric bass, cello, violin or viola, you can enjoy the traditional appeal of these classic instruments together with all the potential of electronics. That means having the freedom to add effects units and unique amplifier setups to discover a whole new palette of tones and create a signature sound that's all your own.