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The oud is one of the oldest forms of guitars in existence and its signature sound is one that’s hard to forget. This kind of deep resonance and classical guitar tone doesn’t have to be restricted to traditional musical arrangements. An instrument as unique as the oud could easily suit a variety of genres and become an exciting part of your musical practice. The oud is a bowed back stringed instrument that first emerged over 5000 years ago. It is primarily used in Middle Eastern music with its longest tradition being evident in Iraq and many areas of Turkey. You use a plectrum to play the oud in order to isolate the strings more precisely. As such, this instrument is most often plucked instead of strummed, creating a powerful vibration that easily projects through a crowd. If you’re looking to invest in an oud there are a few newer features that will make your playing experience a lot easier. Some modern innovations like custom machine heads and built-in tuners featured on the Godin MultiOud Encore keep your instrument tuned up and ready to play, while the included nylon strings are soft to the touch and easily stand up to the plectrum. The flat back also ensures your comfort as you sit and play the modern oud. If you want to branch out from the traditional soft nylon stringed instrument and trying an even more modernized oud, the Godin MultiOud Ambiance Steel String is the perfect option. This version is similar to the Encore but the steel strings allow your oud playing to project even further. The onboard preamp ensures this oud can easily be heard in a crowded room and above many other instruments. Wherever you play your oud you are sure to get noticed. This unique instrument adds a rustic and earthy charm to any arrangement and can easily be incorporated into any modern arrangement for a truly original feel that enhances any song.