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How can you be positive that the incredible music you hear while performing is being heard in all its glory by everyone in front of the stage as well? Easy... just make sure you're decked out with PA speakers from American Audio. Providing a wide range of pro audio gear to sound engineers, musicians and DJs alike since 1985, American Audio's PA speakers are helping artists connect with their fans all around the globe thanks to their versatility, crystal-clear sound and exceptional frequency range.

Sound reinforcement has come a long way over the past 30 years, and proof of that can be found in any one of the PA speaker options in American Audio's catalog. Although any one of the choices you make from this section would be a terrific one, each PA speaker certainly has its own strengths. For example, if you're a mobile DJ who performs at small to mid-size events, then the ELS15A Lightweight 15" Active Speaker is perfect. Designed specifically for DJs, this speaker boasts a high power class A/B bi-amplified system, 15" woofers with tons of output and much more. Compact and very affordable, the ELS15A will provide you with more than enough volume at your next gig.

Or, if you play in a band who plays smaller-sized venues, go with the CPX 12A 2-Way Active Speaker. Featuring a 12" woofer and a high efficiency Class D amplifier, a 500-watt built-in bi-amplifier, and time aligned electronic crossover, the CPC 12A is a great option for musicians who often play in clubs and lounges. Additionally, this speaker contains five M8 rigging points and it's also stand-mountable, making it an excellent solution for adding to existing installations.

The PA speakers you choose are essential to how your music is heard by an audience. For this reason, it only makes sense to go with PA speakers that are built by expert audiophiles who are passionate about helping you sound every bit as talented as you are. Of course, the fact that you've come to American Audio's selection of PA speakers means that you're already on the right path to having your talents fully realized.