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Before you take the stage, or before you start your practice, your instrument needs to be properly tuned. With a pitch pipe or tone generator you can have your instrument sounding pitch perfect in no time, always ensuring that you sound your best. Pitch pipes and tone generators do exactly as their names suggest: they provide you with accurate pitches and tones to help tune your instrument. When purchasing a pitch pipe or tone generator, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind. First and foremost, which kind of instrument are you planning on tuning? Obviously different instruments are tuned to different keys, so having the right pipe or generator for that instrument is crucial. If you’re tuning a guitar, try the SN10 Guitar Pitchpipe from Kratt, if you’re a violinist, try the Violin Pitch Pipe from Glaesel. These pitch pipes can help you tune your instrument quickly and accurately, while being portable enough to fit in your back pocket. There are also pitch pipes for ukuleles and cellos, so regardless of your instrument, it will be ready to play in no time. Though it may not be the first thing to come to mind, your voice is also an instrument, and a powerful one at that. If you are singing in a chorus and need everyone on the same pitch, or you’re just practicing and strengthening your voice on your own, the Chromatic Pitch Pipe from Becker could definitely be beneficial for you. With the ability to simply choose a key and blow, there’s no reason your pitch won’t be ideal.Whether it’s for your voice or another musical instrument, a pitch pipe or tone generator can go a long way in helping your music sound its best. Learning how to tune, as well as staying in tune, is crucial for progressing as a musician. When you need to perform at your best, you’ll be happy to have one of these accessories as part of your assortment of gear.