Platinum Card Financing

Platinum Card Financing

Play With Platinum: Get Your Dream Gear Today

You really need to upgrade your gear - and you need it now. Your checking account says "no," but your Musician's Friend Platinum Card says "you have a friend in the music business."

We all have our dream gear that sometimes seems to be just out of reach, financially. At Musician's Friend, we don't want to put obstacles between you and the gear you need to accomplish your creative goals. The Musician's Friend Platinum Card is more than just another credit card-it's the ticket to financing your next dream gear purchase.

Other cardholder benefits include receiving exclusive deals, info on special promotions, and breaking news of hot new items. Apply for Platinum status today with the card created by musicians, for musicians."

For Musician's Friend Platinum Card holders, it's simple: Play With Platinum.

Get more details by clicking here to learn more about our Musician's Friend Platinum Card and how financing that next big purchase can help you get to that next level of finding