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Sure, some people are born with talent - but for most of us, it takes hard work and dedication to master our chosen skills. Of course, playing a musical instrument requires practice no matter who you are, and these days you'll find an impressive variety of practice and performance reference materials to hone your craft. Companies like Alfred, Backbeat Books, Carl Fischer and Fret Daddy put an exceptional amount of detail into their reference materials, and they each have options in this catalog to prove it.

Whether you're interested in learning classical guitar or looking to develop your accuracy and speed in sight reading, you're definitely in the right spot for practice and performance reference materials. Are you currently in the early stages of playing guitar? You'll love Fret Daddy's The Fretboard Note Map of Electric/Acoustic Guitar. A best seller, these stickers contain the names of the notes on your fretboard, which are then placed under your strings in their correct fret positions. No doubt, you'll know where each note is on your fretboard in no time thanks to this incredibly useful sticker set. In fact, Fret Daddy also has stickers for basses and even sets that show you the patterns of various scales.

Hal Leonard is also well known for their practice and performance reference materials and many popular sellers from them are featured in this section. For example, take a look at the Hal Leonard Basic Rhythmic Training. Providing a comprehensive understanding of basic rhythm and its components such as the beat, pulse, time signatures, notes, rests and syncopation, this book is perfect for beginners with no prior music knowledge. Speaking of syncopation, another option worth checking out is the Alfred Modern Reading Text in 4/4. Designed to teach syncopation in 4/4, the exercises in this book are taught by legendary drummer Louis Bellson. A must-own for all musicians, Modern Reading Text in 4/4 will do wonders for your sight-reading.

By now you probably have an excellent idea of what awaits you in this selection, so we'll leave the next move up to you. No matter where you are in your musical journey, it can only benefit you as a musician to brush up with some helpful tips and exercises, and as you can see there are plenty of practice and performance reference materials to choose from.