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Replacing your pickups and pickguard doesn't have to be a time-consuming task. In fact, opting for a prewired pickguard is an easy way to upgrade the tone of your favorite Stratocaster and DiMarzio prewired pickguards are considered by many guitarists to be the finest on the market. In this section you'll find one top-rated and best-selling prewired pickguard after another from one of the most respected manufacturers of guitar pickups and electronics. DiMarzio even specializes in pre-wired pickup sets for Telecasters, and more than one option awaits you on this page.

Before settling on anything specific, it's important that you consider what kind of sound you want to create, and what kind of guitar model you play. If you're a Strat purist, check out the FG2108 Paul Gilbert Injector Prewired Pickguard Set. This collection includes the Injector Neck pickup (ideal for high-speed metal solos), the middle Area 67 pickup position (delivers bright, clean sounds) and the Injector Bridge (one of DiMarzio's hottest hum-cancelling models). Or how about the Fast Track Pre-Wired Strat Guitar Pickguard. This set boasts an Air North S neck pickup, middle Cruiser and Tone Zone S in the bridge. To top it all, it's complete with a standard 5-way switch, one 250K volume and two 250K tone controls. From soaring leads to roaring power chords, the versatility of this pre-wired pickguard cannot be praised enough.

Now for those who own a Telecaster and want a crystal-clear, high-end sound that this legendary solid body was admired for in the '50s and '60s, look no further than the Vintage Twang King Pre-Wired Pickup for Tele. Featuring a Twang King DP172 single-coil pickup at the neck and a DP173 single-coil pickup in the bridge position, this prewired set gives you the best aspects of the famed Broadcaster and Telecaster sounds. Along with a control plate, knobs and complete wiring harness, you can have this beauty installed quickly and easily.

And those pre-wired pickguard and pickup choices don't even scratch the surface of what can be found here. Anyone who is into guitar customization will tell you how fun and rewarding the hobby is. Knowing that you have a guitar tone that's your own is extremely satisfying - and by going with one of these DiMarzio prewired pickguards, you can create a unique guitar sound with little to no effort.