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EMG Prewired Pickguards

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Product Price  $299.00
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Product Price  $299.00

If you're thinking about making an upgrade to your guitar pickups but want to avoid soldering wires or replacing your scratchboard, then an EMG prewired pickguard is just the answer. EMG prewired pickguards are considered by many to be the best on the market. They're an affordable and easy way to achieve your dream tone, and EMG offers a wide variety of prewired pickguard sets in different colors and pickup configurations. Some EMG prewired pickguards are even designed in collaboration with famous players, including Kirk Hammett, Vince Gill and Steve Lukather.

It's easy to tell that EMG prewired pickguards are an excellent route to go when you consider how many top-rated products make up this catalog. Just take a look at the best-selling ST-12 SRO Dual Humbucker Prewired Pickguard: this set comes with everything pre-loaded and wired, it features SRO OC1 humbuckers and a pickguard that comes in your choice of black or white. Versatile and generously priced, this prewired pickguard is ideal for rock, blues and country-style guitarists.

As mentioned earlier, you'll come across some terrific signature artist prewired pickguards as well. For guitarists who want a similar sound to Pink Floyd's, look no further than the EMG-DG20 David Gilmour Pre-wired Pickguard/Pickup Set. Boasting 3 ivory SA single-coil pickups and armed with an EXG guitar expander for amazing flexibility at your fingertips, this prewired pickup set gives you access to the same tone accessories as the Pink Floyd legend himself. Along with SPC presence control, master volume and a white pearl pickguard, you'll be blown away by the incredible chord definition and full, mid-range tone offered by this top-notch package.

Since 1976, EMG has remained one of the most respected pickup manufacturers, so any one of their prewired pickguard options is worthy of your attention. With that being said, the right one for you will obviously depend on the guitar sound you have in mind, so try to spend some time in these pages. Make no mistake, there's bound to be something to your liking in this selection of EMG prewired pickguards.