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Lace Prewired Pickguards

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What do Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, Jeff Tuttle of the Dillenger Escape Plan and Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick have in common? In addition to being best-selling musicians that like it loud, they're all "Ambassadors of Tone" for Lace Pickups. Founded in 1979, Lace has spent the better part of a quarter century making unbelievable tone and superior sound a reality for not only the greats mentioned above, but for working musicians worldwide. Lace's prewired pickups are no exception to their cutting edge designs. In fact, each one comes loaded with all the knobs and electronics needed for some serious shredding. If you're thinking about switching up the sound on your favorite six-string, a Lace prewired pickguard is an affordable, hassle-free way to make that happen.

While the Lace prewired pickguard you choose will ultimately depend on your instrument and the specific sound you're after, it never hurts to check out all your options before making a final decision. If you're not sure where to begin browsing, start with a best-seller like the Sensor Blue-Silver-Red Prewired Pickguard. Pre-loaded with 3 of Lace's top Sensors, this is a high-quality prewired pickguard that comes packed with tones for every genre, from jazz to metal to classic rock and beyond. Can't wait to rock? No problem. Simply drop the pickguard into your Strat-style guitar, connect a couple wires and you should be good to go.

Now, if you want less noise, more harmonics and even more sustain, take a closer look at Lace's Sensor Emerald/RW Silver/Purple Prewired Guitar Pickguard. Rated a 7.9 on Lace's heat scale, this pickup comes pre-loaded with three of Lace's most updated pickups: purple for the Bridge, Reverse-Wound-Reverse-PolaritySilver for a fat middle tone, and Emerald for creamy blues tones in the neck position. Like the Blue-Silver-Red Prewired Pickguard mentioned above, this bad boy takes minutes to install and is ready to rock right out of the box.

When push comes to shove, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to the perfect pickguard, there's only what works best for you. And let's face it, every single Lace prewired pickguards is a winner, all you have to do is determine which one best suits your musical needs and go from there.