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The never-ending progression of digital technology is continuously introducing extraordinary new possibilities to the world of dance, electro and house music. Today, you can find an infinite sea of drum loops, astonishing synth samples and mind-boggling soundscapes. In other words, it has never been so enjoyable and effortless to be in control of the dance floor, and things just got even easier with the introduction of 8DM pro audio.

8DM is the leading manufacturer of EDM samples. By collaborating with the industry's most renowned DJ's and duplicating the most current charting hits, 8DM pro audio has produced a massive library consisting of the top dance music sounds, with the equalizing, compressing, limiting and processing all taken care of. Available in various different formats from Kontakt to Wavpack, 8DM will help keep the club shaking all night long.

8DM provides a massive array of superb EDM sample libraries to choose from, including the Flow House Volume 1 Wave-Pack. A fresh and unique take on the house genre, Flow House is steadily growing in popularity, and this software download bundle contains some of the most popular trends presently in electronic music. Another great choice is the 8DM Progressive House Volume 1 Bundle. For commanding the party, this package is the ultimate weapon of choice. Designed to make your productions sound as pristine as possible, the Progressive House V1 collection is crisp, clear, and included entirely in this package.

Sonic perfection that's ready to use, right out the box. That's what 8DM is all about. Setting a new standard in electronic dance music with their cutting edge line of EDM samples, 8DM promises that within every software package, a great amount of time, effort and careful attention to detail has went into each mix concocted. So when you're ready to take your sampling and DJ-ing skills to the next level, your talents will be bursting at the seams with 8DM inspiration.