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Complete main stage house and trance sample collection for Kontakt and Maschine.

8DM Productions is one of the leading curators of EDM samples and they are on the cutting edge of some of the most current and popular sound trends that are topping the electronic music charts. 8DM is created by the Academy, T.E.C & GANG award-winning designers of 8Dio - in collaboration with some of the leading top DJs around the world, giving you access to hit sounds and samples right out of the box.

The 8DM Animalix sample library is loaded with high-energy Big Room, Drop House, Electro House, and Progressive House music sounds that are dance-floor ready. It comes with 15 custom big room kits, 50 hardcore trance anthem synths, 50 unforgettable tonal percussion synths and 50 in-demand talking synths.

8DM Animalix Bundle offers both the Maschine and Kontakt version of the library in a hyper-affordable solution. So whether you want the power of the Maschine or the flexibility of Kontakt - it can all be yours. The Animalix Maschine version contains 80 different project scenes made by Academy Award Winning & TEC Composer, Troels Folmann and unique features like side-chainer and mastering chains. The Animalix Kontakt version uses a custom form of the 8DM CHAOS FX Engine, which includes a new arpeggio feature for the 150 super synths that are included in Animalix.

150 Ultra-Current Synths
8DM Animalix comes equipped with over 150 multi-sampled synths and every patch is relevant and designed to match the most current and popular EDM tracks. Animalix contains 50 hardcore trance anthem synths - they are big, bold, wide and lush. Animalix also contains 50 tonal trap-percussive synths, which are popular in the distinctive sound of Martin Garrix's "Animals". In addition, 8DM also created 50 talking formant synths. The talking synths can either be used as basses together with the trance anthem synths or as stand-alone lead synths. Animalix is about the sound of now and all of the synths are polished - so they just work out of the box - no hassle. The synths come with both the Maschine and Kontakt version of Animalix.

New 3.0 FX CHAOS Engine
The 3.0 FX CHAOS Engine allows you make over 1.500 sample parameters randomize with one click, while also randomizing the new 8Dio FX System. So both the sample content and the assigned FX will be randomized in one glorious cocktail. The great thing about the Chaos Engine is that you can control precisely how much chaos you want - from a little cosmetic change to the birth of a completely new universe of sounds - all with one click. The engine also contains a fully customizable side-chainer and advanced step-sequencer. Animalix contains a unique super arpeggio feature - allowing you to arpeggiate the 150 multi-sampled synths in Animalix.


Animalix Vol. 1 for Maschine
Animalix Vol. 1 for Kontakt

Maschine Overview
20 Fully Customizable Groove Kits
EDM Chart Quality
2.697 Animalix Samples (.wav)
50 Hardcore Trance Anthem Synths
50 Tonal Trap-Percussive Animal Synths
50 Talking Formant Synths
High intuitive layout - all set up
Mastering Chain Already Done
Logical file organization
Oneshot samples & Loops
Bonus: 80 Maschine Project Scenes
Bonus: 16 Drum Synth Bass Drums
Requirement: Maschine 2.0 or later
8DM Maschine Video Installation Guide Here

Kontakt Overview
15 Fully Customizable Groove Kits
2.697 Animalix Samples (.ncw)
EDM Chart Quality
50 Hardcore Trance Anthem Synths
50 Tonal Percussive Animal Synths
50 Talking Synths
3D Based User-Interface
Unique 8DM 3.0 FX Engine
Logical file organization
Oneshot samples & Loops
Bonus: Unique Arp added to Chaos 3.0 Engine
Requirement: Kontakt 4.2 (Full Retail) or later

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