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Whether you're an aspiring sound engineer or a gigging DJ with their own setup, you know how fun and easy it is to hone your skills when the equipment you're using is built by experienced audiophiles. Of course, it's for this reason why Akai Professional is such a highly-renowned name in pro audio. Today, their gear can be found in studios and concert halls around the globe, and within this catalog, you'll find everything from iOS devices to USB MIDI controllers, production monitors, and much more.

By simply browsing this section, it's easy to tell that Akai Professional takes great pride in giving artists the necessary tools to broaden their musical horizons. Take for example, the top-selling EIE I/O Audio/Midi Interface with USB Hub. An ideal recording solution for both portable and project recording setups, the EIE I/O contains four XLR/TRS combo inputs, and provides CD-standard 16-bit/44.1 kHz audio resolution. Additionally, it contains a convenient USB hub which allows you to hook up extra controllers or hard drives. Compact and easy to use, the EIE I/O will certainly take your recordings to a professional level.

Or, maybe you're searching for a USB MIDI controller... in which case, go with the MPK25. Based closely on the MPK49 (the first keyboard to feature MPC pads), the MPK25 is a 25-key model that retains the same flexibility and sonic versatility that made the MPK49 so popular. Other cool extras include transport controls for tracking and editing, footswitchable patch changes, and Ableton Live Lite Akai Edition software. Simply put, the MPK25 will open you up to a world of seemingly endless musical possibilities.

Thanks to technology's many advancements, it has never been easier to create studio-quality recordings in the comfort of your own home. All you need is the drive to go for it, and the right pro audio tools to let your imagination run wild... and for that, Akai Professional has everything you need.