Apple Pro Audio

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In the past decade, Apple has surged to the forefront of the recording world, creating some of the most powerful and user-friendly pro audio equipment on the market. From software to devices to bundles, Apple provides everything you could possibly need as a base for your studio. And because it's all designed to pair effortlessly with all the rest of your Apple products, the selection here will completely change the way you make your music.

To start, it's best to think about what type of system you're looking to build. If you're in need of a computer so you can record and mix your music, start by looking at the full lineup of MacBook Pros. Featuring a variety of processors, as well as Retina display screens of varying sizes, these professional-grade laptops allow you to make your music just about anywhere there's a microphone.

If you're here for only the more powerful computer though, you're searching for the 2013 Mac Pro 3.5GHz 6 Core Xeon E5-1650v2. The latest in Apple technology, this computer features the best of everything, from processing power to user accessible memory to graphics and display support, it has it all. Lightning fast and with some of the most impressive specs you'll find in a computer today, you have to see this Mac Pro to believe it.

If you already have a computer and are looking for something to improve your music making experience, check out the available add-ons. With keyboards, devices, mounts, trackpads, and accessories all found in this section as well, you're sure to find something to help create or enjoy your music even more.

One of the most recognized names in the world, Apple are innovators through and through. Pushing the limits of what pro audio gear is capable of, all while making it easier to use, if you haven't used an Apple product before you're sure to be impressed. So whether you're looking to break into the business or you're an established professional in need of an upgrade, you're definitely in the right place.