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Thanks to the many leaps and bounds made in digital technology, the tonal possibilities that musicians now have at the click of a button are seemingly endless. For proof, all you have to do is take a look at DigiTech's impressive lineup of professional audio equipment and effects. Whether you're in the studio laying down tracks or on stage giving the performance of a lifetime, Digitech offers a wide range of stompboxes that are packed full of unique effects to explore the inmost depths of your musical talents.

So what does DigiTech have in store for you? You can always start with their best sellers, and the Vocalist Live 3 Vocal Harmony Processor Pedal is loaded with cool features. Providing guitar players with 3-part vocal harmony, reverb with three different room sizes, and realtime pitch correction, it's no surprise why this incredible processor pedal is one of DigiTech's most popular items. Additionally, the Vocalist Live 3 has gender controls for each harmony voice, allowing you to alter the character of each one. Solidly-built and easy to use, you'll have no problem demanding the attention of an audience with this device.

Now, for a stompbox unlike any other of its kind, every guitarist owes it to themselves to try the iStomp. While it works just like a traditional pedal, the iStomp has one huge difference: It can be completely reconfigured with any e-pedal available in the Stomp Shop app by simply connecting to an iOS device with the DigiTech Smart Cable. Containing up to 34 different ePedals to choose from and 10 ePedals already included, the iStomp provides thousands of sounds right at your feet.

As a musician, you know how amazing it feels to finally create the sound you've always had in mind. Of course, owners of Digitech effects pedals are more than familiar with that moment. These days, broadening the horizons of your musical abilities has never been easier, and a big reason is because of innovative pro audio companies like DigiTech.