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Founded in the Bronx in 1978, Gem Sound is a company that's grown in lockstep with DJ culture. A focus on DJ and pro audio products has made Gem Sound one of the go-to names for venue-oriented gear as long as they've been in business. Their commitment to innovation, reliability and keeping their products accessible to all has led to a good selection of speakers, microphones and audio equipment that any DJ or music professional can take advantage of today. When you look at Gem Sound's PXB120USB and PXB150USB speakers, you might find yourself wondering if there's anything they didn't think of. Not only are all of these speakers fairly lightweight and easy to carry, but the 15" models go as far as having built-in wheels. More impressive than that, though, is the fact that these speakers have onboard MP3 players that work from a USB flash drive or SD card and even include a remote control.

Of course, no speaker system is complete without a way to push sound into them. Gem Sound's speakers have plenty of input options for MP3s and external sound sources, but when it comes to live sound, you'll need some microphones. In this area, Gem Sound has you more than covered, with wireless mics in hand-held, clip-on and headset versions to give you a large selection to choose from. There's also the GM-50, a USB microphone that works with Mac and PC for the digital DJ.

Gem Sound makes more than just speakers and microphones. Take the XPS 300 Power Amplifier, for instance. This 2U rack-mountable amp pushes up to 75W per stereo channel or 150W of mono power depending on setup. The XPS 300 supports Speakon connections for the output channels and can take input from 1/4" and balanced XLR.

For pro audio use, Gem Sound is always a solid choice. You'll be impressed by the features and functionality that this equipment has to offer, and all without breaking the bank. For DJs and venue owners, look no further for great sound.