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Whether you're working late nights in the lab, crafting your next massive hit single, or you're up on stage getting concert-goers grooving like never before, pro audio gear is an essential part of your setup (which is why it's called "Pro audio!"). Pro audio gear can really help to expand your sonic palette and open up new musical paths, putting you in a place where your only real limit is your own imagination. Perhaps no one in the industry crafts pro audio gear that is more respected than Korg. Without a doubt, Korg is one of the most well-known brands in the music world, thanks in part to their constant innovations and reputation for building gear that is built to last. There is no doubt about it, if you're looking for the best pro audio gear there is, you've come to the right place.

Korg is proud to offer you a nice variety of pro audio gear, which means there should be no issue with finding the one that is perfect for your needs. If you're not entirely sure where you should begin your search, your best bet may be to start by checking out some of our best sellers. For example, the Kaossilator Pro+ Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder is a refreshing update of one of Korg's most popular dynamic phase synthesizers. Featuring a total of 250 sound programs, the Kaossilator is truly on the cutting edge, giving you the tools you need to dominate nearly any genre of music, or even create your very own.

Another popular piece of pro audio gear available here from Korg is the NANOKONTROL2 Slim-Line USB Control Surface. This control surface is compact, making it easy to transport. Setup is also a breeze, giving you complete control for your software synthesizer or DAW in no time. With USB power and connectivity for an uncluttered setup, this controller is a must for anyone who uses Korg Pro Audio gear.

Nobody does pro audio better than Korg, that's a fact. If you're ready to take your music to exciting new levels of craftsmanship, Korg Pro Audio is definitely what you need.