Shure 577B Microphone

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Handheld dynamic microphone designed for communications and paging applications that require highly intelligible, low noise output.

The Shure 577B microphone is perfect for all types of mobile communications from amateur radio to helicopter news and traffic reports. Also suitable for public address and paging systems in noisy areas such as factories, airport terminals, and restaurants.

The Shure 577B represents a significant improvement over most microphones with anti-noise features. Shaped frequency response, directionality, and distant sound discrimination contribute to total noise reduction. The microphone operates on the pressure-gradient principle and has 2 sound entry ports spaced a small distance apart.

Modular design greatly facilitates field servicing. The cartridge, switch, and cable can be replaced in a matter of minutes.

Built to withstand mechanical shocks, vibration, high temperatures, and humidity. The exclusive ARMO-DUR case is impervious to oil, grease, fumes, salt spray, sun, and corrosion. The "Million-Cycle" press-to-talk switch ensures years of reliable service.

A mounting bracket is supplied to provide convenient hang-up when the microphone is not in use.


  • Frequency response tailored for close-talk operation
  • Extremely effective noise cancellation
  • Dynamic microphone cartridge
  • Modular design
  • "Million-cycle" leaf-type press-to-talk switch
  • TRIPLE-FLEX cable provides 3 to 4 times the flex life of most coiled cords
  • Rugged ARMO-DUR case
  • Built-in hang-up button and supplied mounting bracket

For a heavy-duty no-nonsense speech mic that will last and last, this is what you need. Order now.