Shure M44-7 Competition DJ Cartridge

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Unmatched tracking and skip resistance, plus superb sound with extra low-end punch.

This proven DJ cartridge is designed specifically for demanding turntablism and hip-hop DJing, delivering unmatched skip resistance, strong bass and powerful output. One of the top choices of hip-hop DJs the world over, the M44-7 is perfect for intense scratching. It’s also known for its superb tracking, ruggedness and reliability.

Club DJs depend heavily on tracks with an irresistible beat and deep bass to get bodies moving on the dance floor. Thankfully the M44-7 delivers bass in spades, and is especially designed to give you extra low-end punch and ultra-high output for powerful, resonant sound.

Thanks to its spherical diamond tip, Type S cantilever and a low tracking force, the M44-7 boasts very low record wear, helping preserve your precious vinyl collection. Even though it’s easy on your records, the M44-7 refuses to skip out of the groove.

With its rock-solid performance and long, successful track record, you can’t go wrong with the M44-7 cartridge, whether you’re an experienced turntablist or you’re just getting started.

Even if you prefer using timecode control vinyl with a DVS setup, the M44-7 delivers unmatched sound and reliability, night after night.


  • Industry-standard cartridge for turntablists
  • Spherical diamond tip
  • Ultra-high skip resistance
  • Ultra-low record wear
  • Excellent tracking
  • Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Emphasized bass output
  • Output: 9.5mV
  • Tracking force: 1.5–3 g 
  • Wide-diameter, high-strength Type S cantilever
  • Cutaway grips for high visibility of the irradiant orange stylus tip

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