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Every musician with recording experience can relate to that incredible moment when a song finally comes together in the studio. Of course, XLR Audio knows that feeling all too well, which is why they've been dedicated to providing the most inspiring virtual instruments since 2005. Whether you're an intricate jazz swinger or a head banging metal shredder, XLN Audio's library of music software has something for everyone. In fact, their line of Addictive Drums and Addictive Keys are amongst the most beloved virtual instruments in the world today, and both collections can be found in this section.

So what virtual instrument bundle is right for you? That will depend on your own specific needs and preferences. For example, XLN offers a wide range of virtual drum packages, and the Addictive Drums 2 Metal software download is jam packed with killer-sounding kits. From Ludwig and Gretsch to Zildjian and Sabian, this bundle includes 31 presets made by metal producers like Roberto Laghi, David E.K. of Fuge and many others. Giving you instant access to a variety of metal sub-genres, this drum expansion kit for Addictive Drums 2 is a sure-fire way to upgrade your recording setup.

The Addictive Keys collection is also popular with many of today's most well-known producers, including XLN Audio's co-owner Max Martin, who has earned 10 Billboard #1 hits with artists like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. For an iconic electric piano add-on, check out the Addictive Keys: Mark One software download. Based on a Fender Rhodes Mk. 1, this add-on features six selectable mic perspectives, and its warmth and intimacy perfectly mirrors the same electric piano that has been heard on countless hit records for more than four decades.

As you can see, XLN Audio's line of music software bundles is extensive. The simple truth is that anyone with a drive and passion for producing deserves access to high-quality virtual instruments, and XLN Audio has what you need to make professional sounding works of art in the studio.