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The grandfather of the stringed family and definitely the largest in size and lowest in pitch, the double bass is an essential instrument in professional orchestras and jazz bands around the world. In fact, the double bass also played a role in defining the sound of many legendary groups during rock'n'roll's early days, and today it's a staple of rockabilly and psychobilly scenes. Whether you've been playing the instrument for years or only recently decided to upgrade from an intermediate model, you'll find more than enough professional double basses to choose from on today's market.

Since you're browsing this section, it's safe to assume that you're willing to dish out some dough for something that reflects your years of dedication and hard work - these are professional double basses, after all. With that being said, you'll be glad to know that the models in this catalog are quite affordable given their stunning craftsmanship, smooth playability and exceptional sound quality.

For a double bass that has a rich tone and a classic, elegant appearance, check out the Knilling Bucharest Bass Outfit 3/4. This beauty has a laminated spruce top and maple back and sides with inlaid purfling. Complete with an ebony nut and fingerboard and an adjustable German maple bridge with D'Addario Prelude strings, this double bass is a perfect match for any stage veteran. To further add to its amazing value, the Knilling Bucharest also comes with a French-style Glasser fiberglass bow and a nylon Oxford Bag. Or, if you prefer a double bass with flamed maple back and sides, you'll have no problem lighting performances on fire with the Ren Wei Shi Model 705 Double Bass. From its incredible balance in all registers to its quick response and thunderous tone, it's easy to tell that this double bass was crafted specifically for the professional.

The double bass truly is a genre-defying instrument, and going with a professional model is the best way to ensure your strong, versatile playing traits are realized. Of course, you've probably realized at this point that this is the place to pick up a new professional double bass, so at this point we'll leave the decision up to you. No doubt, any one of the professional double basses on this page will have you one step closer to a standing ovation.