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Professional Piccolos

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Even the smallest instrument can have a big role to play in an ensemble and its performance - and there's no better example to show it than the piccolo. While it's true that this may not be the most glamorous instrument in the orchestra, there's no denying the impact of its clear, sharp voice on the overall sound, especially when playing pieces written for the late Romantic orchestra which often had two piccolos. Unlike the flute, which went through a metal revolution in the 1800s, the preferred material for professional piccolos is still wood: grenadilla wood to be precise, which you'll find in nearly all of the instruments here.

There are exceptions to every rule, of course, and in this case that means piccolos like the Gemeinhardt 4SS Professional Piccolo. Employing a sterling silver head, body and keys like its larger cousin the flute, this model is designed for players needing maximum projection. For a more traditional grenadilla piccolo, on the other hand, you'll need to look no further than the remaining options in this section, which include a few more models from Gemeinhardt along with other makers' offerings such as the Yamaha YPC-82 Professional Piccolo. You might even come across a signature model or two - for instance, there's the Gemeinhardt Roy Seaman Signature Piccolo, which is a tribute to one of the greatest craftsmen to ever make a piccolo.

No matter what you're looking for in your instrument, it's safe to say that when you're browsing at the professional level, you already have a good idea in advance about the specific traits you want to see in it. So go ahead and take a close look at all the professional piccolos here until you find the one that best meets all your requirements. Whether you're a veteran player adding to your collection or a newly-minted pro stepping up from the intermediate level, there's sure to be a great fit for you.