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  1. Price Drop
    Promark 12-Pair American Hickory Drumsticks
    Product Price $97.09
  2. Price Drop
    Promark 3-Pair Japanese White Oak Drumsticks
    Product Price $31.32
  3. Promark Hot Rod Sticks
    Promark Hot Rod Sticks
    Product Price $20.99
  4. Price Drop
    Promark 6-Pair American Hickory Drumsticks
    Promark 6-Pair American Hickory Drumsticks
    Product Price $50.16
  5. Price Drop
    Promark 12-Pair Japanese White Oak Drumsticks
    Product Price $118.69
  6. Price Drop
    Promark 6-Pair Japanese White Oak Drumsticks
    Product Price $61.32
  7. Promark American Hickory Drumsticks
    Promark American Hickory Drumsticks
    Product Price $8.99
  8. Promark Japanese White Oak Drumsticks
    Promark Japanese White Oak Drumsticks
    Product Price $10.99
  9. Promark FireGrain Drumsticks
    Promark FireGrain Drumsticks
    Product Price $12.99
  10. Promark Natural Hickory Drumsticks
    Promark Natural Hickory Drumsticks
    Product Price $9.99
  11. Promark 3-Pack Rebound Balance ActiveGrip Acorn Tip Drum Sticks
    Product Price $32.97
  12. Promark Lightning Rod Drumsticks
    Promark Lightning Rod Drumsticks
    Product Price $20.99
  13. Promark Buy 3 Pairs of American Hickory Wood Tip Sticks and Get One Free
    Product Price $29.99
  14. Promark MT3 Multi-Purpose Felt Drum Mallets
    Product Price $25.48
  15. Promark Neil Peart Autograph Series Drumsticks
    Product Price $9.99
  16. Promark Tommy Aldridge Signature Drumsticks
    Product Price $12.99
  17. Promark Traditional Marching Bass Drum Mallets Large / 2-1/2" Felt Ends
    Product Price $42.28
  18. Promark Rebound Balance ActiveGrip Acorn Tip Drum Sticks
    Product Price $12.99
  19. Promark Future Pro Discovery Series Mallets
    Product Price $13.99
  20. Promark Thunder Rod Drumsticks
    Promark Thunder Rod Drumsticks
    Product Price $20.99
  21. Promark Cool Rod Specialty Drumsticks
    Promark Cool Rod Specialty Drumsticks
    Product Price $20.99
  22. Promark Maple SD330 Todd Sucherman Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Product Price $10.99
  23. Promark Mike Portnoy ActiveGrip 420X Hickory
    Product Price $13.99
  24. Promark BYOS Hickory Oval Wood Tip Drum Sticks
    Product Price $8.43
  25. Promark Large Broomsticks
    Promark Large Broomsticks
    Product Price $20.99
  26. Promark Select Balance Forward Balance Wood Tip Drum Sticks
    Product Price $9.99
  27. Promark Stick Rapp Tape
    Promark Stick Rapp Tape
    Product Price $7.99
  28. Promark Mike Portnoy Autograph Series Drumsticks
    Product Price $9.49
  29. Promark PSMB2 Marching Bass Drum Mallets
    Product Price $31.97
  30. Promark Simon Phillips Autograph Series Drumsticks
    Product Price $12.99
  31. Promark TDSB Transport Deluxe Stick Bag
    Promark TDSB Transport Deluxe Stick Bag
    Product Price $36.99
  32. Promark Medium Broomsticks
    Promark Medium Broomsticks
    Product Price $20.99
  33. Promark Select Balance Forward Balance Acorn Tip Drum Sticks
    Product Price $9.99
  34. Promark System Blue Marching Snare Drum Sticks
    Product Price $11.99
  35. Promark Rebound Balance FireGrain Drumsticks
    Product Price $12.99
  36. Promark White Drumstick Tape
    Promark White Drumstick Tape
    Product Price $7.99
  37. Promark Autograph Series Jonathan Haas Timpani Mallets
    Product Price $33.99
  38. Promark Small Broomsticks
    Promark Small Broomsticks
    Product Price $20.99
  39. Promark System Blue Sean Vega Signature Marching Tenor Sticks TS8
    Product Price $18.99
  40. Promark ActiveGrip Clear Rebound Balance Drum Sticks
    Product Price $12.99
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It's common sense that the best way to become an expert at making something is to rack up plenty of experience using that thing first. No guitarist would be comfortable choosing a luthier that had never actually played the instrument, for instance. That's why it's so refreshing to know that PROMARK sticks and accessories are designed and made by drummers. They put their own passion for percussion into everything they make, and since they know from experience the traits of great gear, they've been able to make drumming essentials that measure up to the highest standards.

If you're new to PROMARK, you might want to start by checking out their Japanese White Oak Drumsticks. It's an unusual wood choice, but the unique characteristics that come with it have made these sticks a popular choice since the 1950s. For starters, they're stronger and longer-lasting than the traditional hickory. And with the added stiffness, you can feel the drums kicking back when you hit them, making for an intense, connected playing experience.

But maybe what you're really looking for is to match the style of your favorite pro percussionist? In that case, be sure not to miss the Autograph series. Filled with signature drumsticks devoted to stars like Phil Collins, Neil Peart, Tommy Aldridge and Chris Adler, this lineup is all about exceeding the most discerning demands from world-class drummers. You'll even find some truly exotic versions, such as the Jonathan Haas Timpani Mallets.

Whether you like your sticks traditional, specialty or signature, PROMARK has a lot of impressive options for you. Add on a wide variety of accessories including brushes, stick bags, cymbal rattlers, Stick Rapp Tape and plenty more, and this section is a virtual drumming wonderland. You don't need to stop at looking - so go ahead and start deciding which PROMARK sticks, brushes and accessories you want to add to your collection right now.

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