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About Pulse:

Drums are an integral component to almost every form of music. By helping to keep the rhythm and establish the groove for most compositions, drums can add an infinite amount of style and character to any performance. Of course, because drum sets often include a large number of components, they can be expensive, which can be an obstacle for young drummers as well as first time buyers. That's where a company like Pulse comes into play. Pulse makes getting into the drum world easier than ever before. With great kits that run a fraction of the cost of the bigger names, Pulse can help you get your musical journey started off on the right foot.

Pulse is proud of their line of drums, and is happy to offer a wide variety for performers of all levels of experience and skill. If you're in the market to find a great set on entry level drums for your little drummer boy or girl, you'll definitely want to check out the Pulse 3-Piece Deluxe Junior Drum Set. This is an infinitely playable first drum kit for younger players. With a kick drum, a tom, a snare drum, hi-hats, a ride cymbal, and more, this kit will help establish the building blocks for a great musical journey. If your young drummer wants to up the ante a little bit, then your best option is probably the 5-Piece Junior Drum Set. This kit adds a mounted tom and a floor tom to the mix, giving your child a more complete kit to practice their beats and fills on.

Of course, if you're a full grown drummer, you're probably going to be more interested in an option like the 4000 Series 8-Piece Shell Pack with PDP Hardware. This kit can really bring the thunder thanks to its double bass drum and two floor tom setup. Perfect for any entry level metal player, these drums definitely rock!

Pulse definitely knows what it takes to keep your tunes on beat. Able to rock with the best of them, Pulse drums are exactly what any rookie performer needs to count off the beat confidently.