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Pro audio equipment has always been an important part of stage, studio, and installed venue sound systems - and it always will be! When it comes to the need for hardware, the only real change brought by the digitization of the music industry has been the type of component found in the average setup. But there is one helpful trend that's gone hand-in-hand with that pattern of change: the standardization of equipment into rack-mountable chassis. Racks make it easy to keep a sound system compact and organized, and they also give you an opportunity to customize your layout with the rackmount accessories found in this section, so you can create a setup that's perfect for your needs.

Naturally, the first step is to figure out what those needs are. From there, finding the right accessories is a cinch. Are you interested in putting up a built-in rack for your home studio, or maybe converting an empty road case into a mobile rack? If so, you can get started with the Raxxess Rack Rails for basic mounting. Give your equipment room to breathe with ventilated panels like the Raxxess PVP Series. Got a piece of tabletop hardware you want to include? No problem - just add in the SKB-VS1 Rack Shelf. Building your own rack puts the design choices into your hands.

Whether you're assembling a homemade rack from scratch or modifying an off-the-shelf system, you've got plenty of room to customize as well. For instance, you could clean up that spaghetti tangle of cables with the Nady CH-19 Cable Hanger, or give your controls some visibility in low-light venues with the Littlite RL-10S Racklite. Just want to make your rack easier to move around the stage? Set it on the Gator GA-100 Caster Kit for Standard Rack and it'll be ready to roll (literally).

Starting your search through the selection of rackmount accessories is as simple as asking yourself one question: "what do I want to do with my rack?" Take your answer and use it to guide you through the different hardware options, and you'll find what you need. That might be as simple as some rack screws to attach your latest piece of pro audio gear, or it might mean a bigger accessory to help make your rack itself more usable. The point is that it's up to you, so go ahead and get started on the rack of your dreams!