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No matter how big or small, simple or complicated a musical instrument is, you need to keep it stored in a case or bag when it's not being played. Of course, that can't be stressed enough for woodwind instruments, and the recorder is no exception. By keeping recorders in cases and bags, you can shield them from dust and dirt so they continue to play and sound great. In this section, you'll find options ranging from inexpensive bags that are ideal for music educators, as well as strong, stylish cases designed specifically for the professional player.

Honestly, you'll find it very easy to decide which recorder case or bag is best for you - after all, some recorders are of a higher quality than others. For example, if you're an elementary music teacher, the recorders your students use are most likely on the lower end of the price scale, so there really isn't any reason to purchase the most expensive case here. Your best bet is to go with something like the Grover-Trophy Deluxe Flutophone Zipper Bag. Nicely crafted and featuring a durable metal zipper, this bag is very affordable and more than capable of protecting your recorder when it's out of your hands.

Now for all you sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor recorder players, you'll definitely want to turn your attention to something that was made with your talents in mind - in which case, go with the Yamaha Cordura Recorder Case. Light and efficient, this case has cut-outs to hold all four of the recorder types mentioned. Constructed with a black Cordura shell and containing an off-white interior with 2.5" of padding, your Yamaha 300 Series recorder will remain safe and sound thanks to this pro-level case.

The idea of not owning a case or bag for a musical instrument is enough to make any experienced musician quiver. Simply put, they play an essential role in maintaining the look, playability and sound quality of your instrument. So go ahead and make your choice - you'll know the right recorder case or bag for you when you see it.