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For professional audio production, accurate sound quality is absolutely crucial. That's why you need a great-performing set of studio monitors to make sure that you can hear every detail and nuance of your work. There are audiophiles out there with amazingly true-to-life sound systems, and you've got to be one step ahead to make sure that your tracks will sound flawless even on those high-end setups. This is where JBL recording gear comes in. One of the most respected names in speaker technology, JBL always delivers outstanding performance in their monitors and recording equipment.

If you're looking for something portable so you can set up an impromptu studio anywhere you go, check out the JBL Control 2P Compact Powered Monitor System. With their accommodating size and pro-level features, these monitors are perfect for a desktop recording or production studio, top-quality A/V presentations, broadcast applications or electronic instrument monitoring.

For your permanent studio setup, any of the monitors you'll find here are fantastic choices. If you want absolute confidence in your speakers' fidelity, you might find the JBL LSR4328P Studio Monitor Pair especially interesting. They've got some absolutely top-shelf components inside, but that's not all. What's even more impressive is their self-adjusting feature that uses a calibration microphone to make sure they're always sounding perfect. These monitors can literally listen to themselves and tweak their own settings for reliably consistent performance.

Maybe you're not looking for a new set of monitors but that auto-calibration still sounds pretty nice to you? If that's the case, you've got to take a look at the JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controller. It works with any monitors (even the ones you already have) and uses a "Room Mode Correction" function to eliminate low-frequency issues in the recording room. Designed to be the hub of your monitoring system, the MSC1 can take input from three stereo sources, so you've got the option to plug in a few other things besides your mixer.

Audio professionals need flawless listening. JBL gets that, and the impressive sound of their monitors and subwoofers definitely proves it. They've even gone so far as to give you a way to improve any sound system with the MSC1 controller. When you want to hear everything with unbeatable fidelity, JBL recording gear is the answer.

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