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For nearly 20 years, Metric Halo has been developing recording gear with the serious studio professional in mind. Founded by BJ and Joe Buchalter in the mid-90s, Metric Halo (A name Joe had originally selected for his band) actually began as a recording studio itself, before expanding out to provide top-notch gear to others. With a reputation for developing amazing gear, Metric Halo is a name that people throughout the industry trust.  Metric Halo equipment has been used throughout the entertainment world to record, mix, master or meter. Whether its bands like The Strokes, Rush, the Cure, or the White Stripes, live events like Live 8 and the Glastonbury Festival, movies such as Fight Club and the Polar Express, or Video Games such as Max Payne 3, Metric Halo has been there to ensure the sounds you're hearing are the absolute best of the best.

With such a diverse pedigree of users, it's no wonder you want this equipment helping to run your studio. If you've got your eyes trained on a firewire digital audio interface, you'll definitely want to spend some time with the ULN-2 2d +DSP. This interface is highlighted by the ULN-2 Mic Pres which features massive gain, meticulous detail and a blisteringly-fast slew rate that makes it able to handle even the most demanding of recording situations. At home in any environment, and including flexible powering options, this portable workstation may very well be the best ever produced.

If you already have a legacy mobile ULN-2 and are looking to upgrade, have a look at the Factory Installed 2d Card for ULN-2. This card can get you up to speed with the latest advancements without having to buy entirely new gear. Best of all, this card can be factory installed so you know it's done professionally and with the utmost precision.

There's a reason Metric Halo equipment has won numerous awards throughout the industry over the years. It's because they put a focus on uncompromising quality. This dedication has helped them earn a place among the elite manufactures of studio gear. Once you use Metric Halo equipment, you'll never look back.