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There's only one smarter investment for your recording studio than a TASCAM audio recorder, and that's a bundle that gives you everything you need all at once. You'll find those bundles right here in this selection of TASCAM recording packages - we've taken the liberty of putting together some fantastic kits so you can get up and running faster than ever. If you're new to recording, or just looking to give your setup a facelift, this section is the perfect place to get started.

Picking out the best TASCAM recording package for you is going to depend partly on what you need from your setup, partly on your hardware preferences and partly on your experience level. For example, if you want a recorder that you can add to your hardware rack and you already have your microphone situation sorted out, consider the US-1200 BX5 and BX8 packages. Choosing between these two is as simple as deciding how big you want your monitors.

Maybe it's the monitors that you already have on hand, so you just need the mic and recorder? In that case, check out the TASCAM US-322 MXL 990 Package 2 or US-366 Package. These will work great with your favorite set of monitors or headphones - and speaking of headphones, if you'd prefer to just get those and skip the monitors altogether, you might like the TASCAM US-1200 MXL Package.

If you're a recording gear buff, you'll probably also want to take the brands into account. Of course, this section is all about TASCAM recorders, so that's a given. The microphones are from MXL, and you've got your choice of several different mics depending on which package you opt for. There are a few different monitors in the lineup, too, so the best bundle for you could simply come down to your preference between Fostex, Alesis or M-Audio.

No matter which TASCAM Recording Package appeals to you, the point is that it's your decision. No one else knows your recording needs better than you do, so only you can say what equipment is the best fit. What we can say, though, is that it's a lot easier to gear up when you don't have to go through all the picking and choosing yourself. With these kits, we've done some of the legwork for you so that you can get your foot in the door of studio-building, hassle-free.