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Resonator Cases & Gig Bags

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Protecting your prized instruments as you trek from gig to gig is crucial. After finally settling on a resonator or dobro, getting a proper case is your next step. Resonator cases are built to protect your gear, providing you with a durable layer of material that stands strong between your guitar and the rest of the world. A solid resonator case cradles your instrument perfectly, forming to the unique shape of your instrument. Many versions come with a soft plush lining that cushions your resonator as it rests in the case. The outer material for resonator cases is often made of extremely heavy duty nylon or other synthetic material. The hardened texture absorbs any shocks and is able to completely seal your instrument from any moisture and guard it from the elements. The durable stitching holding the case together also helps seal the material even further. The buckles on hard cases like this are also a crucial part of the construction of a resonator case. These shiny metal clasps are screwed in securely and while they are easy to open, they firmly hold the top and bottom of the case together so you can easily pick up and case and go. If you need to get at your resonator quickly, they are easily snapped open to reveal your instrument. Gig bags are also a great option for grabbing your resonator and going. They are lightweight and flexible, allowing for easier carrying and storage. They often include additional pockets to keep picks and patch cords as well. When you’re looking for a case you’ll want to ensure all of the materials are set up to take care of your precious instrument. When you’re looking for a case or gig bag to protect your instrument , having some versatile options on hand ensures you’re always ready to take off for your next gig.