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There are plenty of different types of guitar, but the resonator just might be the most interesting. When you're looking for a really distinctive sound for bluegrass, blues, folk and country, turn your attention to Regal resonators. These are well-crafted instruments with a sound that you'll have to hear to believe, taking the traditional acoustic guitar to a whole new level of projection and volume.  If you're new to the guitar, you may be wondering just what a resonator guitar is in the first place. The answer is that these instruments were developed before electric amplification was available. The idea was to make a louder type of guitar that wouldn't be drowned out by the other instruments in a dance orchestra. Eventually, though, it wound up being their characteristic sound that really set them apart and musicians started seeking out resonator guitars more for their tone than for their volume.

Regal is a leading builder of resonator guitars, and their selection is excellent. If you're looking for an affordable resonator, the Regal RD-40 is a great place to start. It's a beginner-friendly instrument with big tonal character. For guitarists in search of real one-of-a-kind vintage style, the RC-43 Antiqued Nickel-Plated Body Triolian Resonator Guitar is one you can't miss. This instrument gives you an amazing blend of old and new.

An even more unique instrument in Regal's lineup might be the RD-05 Resonator Bass Guitar. Neither resonator guitars nor acoustic basses are especially common, which makes the combination of the two a relatively rare find. What you'll notice with this instrument, though, is that the added volume from the resonator overcomes the usual quietness of an acoustic bass guitar, so you can be heard easily without amplification. That makes it a must-have for any bassist who likes to play unplugged.

With a Regal resonator guitar in your collection, there's no place you can't play and be heard in any style. On top of that, if you play folk or bluegrass, you'll have genre-defining sound ready to go whenever you like. From the stage to the studio, Regal resonators always sound right at home.