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For more than 40 years, Eventide has been designing and producing audio equipment and accessories for musicians and audio professionals. And while it was their effects pedals that put Eventide on the world stage with artists like Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page, their audio software has definitely caught the eye (and the ear) of modern musicians thanks to its extremely versatile sound capabilities. In this section, we're going to talk about Eventide's reverb and delay software - what it is and why this software can bring a whole new level of performance to all your stage and studio sound applications. Take for example, Eventide's 2016 Stereo Room Native AAX64/AU/VST Software Download. It's packed with tons of presets for drums, strings, vocals and piano each which are natural, unique and can be tweaked to your specific tastes. It comes equipped with simple yet intuitive parametric controls that are easy to navigate and a user interface that features a clean design and straightforward presentation. 2016 Stereo Room is available for download upon purchase, so as soon you settle your bill you can start creating with this innovative Eventide software. Now, if you want software that truly captures all the raw, vintage sound of Eventide's original hardware, check out the Omnipressor Native AAX64/AU/VST Software Download. This plug-in is based on the design of the Omnipressor, Eventide's 1971 rack that's been heard on countless hit records throughout the last four decades. It features dynamics processing to create out of this world sound with an intuitive interface that's simple to operate via the variable function knob. Of course, seeing is only half believing - you really do owe it to yourself to try this terrific software bundle. And these are just two of the Eventide software packages you'll find on these pages. Of course, they're all worthy of your attention so spend some time getting to know a little bit about each one. Whether you want to switch up the sound of your favorite recordings or completely change the way you make music, Eventide has the reverb and delay software to make it happen.