Rotary Oils

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Rotary valves are high-precision pieces of engineering, whether they're the main valves on a European-style brass instrument or an auxiliary valve expanding the tuning options for an otherwise conventional horn. Like every machine with moving parts, those valves need occasional oiling to keep on performing smoothly, and the rotary oils found in this section are just what the doctor ordered. Keeping your rotary valves well-oiled is more than just a good idea - it's a necessity if you want your instrument to keep on feeling as good as it always has to play, not to mention performing like new for years to come.

Ask a dozen different musicians which oil they prefer, and you're likely to get a dozen different answers. That's no surprise, considering how subjective tastes and preferences tend to be when it comes to instruments and their accessories. Most of the oils you'll see here are best-sellers, which goes to show that any one of them can be the right choice for you - as they've been to so many other musicians already. You might even choose just based on how they smell; no one will judge you for that.

With that said, there are a few subtle differences that might sway you toward a particular product. For instance, the Superslick Key and Rotor Oil is designed for trombones and is an excellent choice if that's what you play. If you like Ultra-Pure, keep in mind that they offer two different oils: Light Bearing Oil for your bearings, and Linkage, Lever & Key Oil for just about everything else - including woodwind keys on clarinets, saxophones and more. Make sure to opt for the right one for your application!

No matter which rotary oils you decide are the best choices for your needs, the most crucial thing above all else is that you use them! Working a valve dry can cause a lot of premature wear and tear, so keeping those rotary valves well-lubricated should be one of the top priorities in your care and maintenance regimen - and the rotary oils in this section are just what you need to stay on top of this important task.