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About Sabian:

When drummers want the best, certain brands have a reputation for being a step above the rest. In the world of cymbals, Sabian is one of those names. To say that drummers are familiar with the Sabian name would be an understatement. Since 1981, Sabian have been specializing in the designing and manufacturing of high quality cymbals, and today, they are one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

When searching for cymbals, you naturally want to find a set that perfectly suits your own musical tastes and playing styles. Thankfully, Sabian has no shortage of cymbal models for drummers and percussionists of all genres. In fact, Sabian's roster of top recording artists is continuously growing, and today includes renowned players such as Neil Peart, Chad Smith, Bill Ward, and an endless sea of others.

Throughout the extensive Sabian catalog, you'll find cymbals for marching band, concert gongs, mallets and other percussion instruments, as well as a wide array of crashes, rides and splashes. In need of an exceptional ride cymbal? The Sabian Vault Artisan medium ride has a vintage yet extremely defined ping that's similar to the Turkish cymbals that are often sought after by professional players and collectors. Another popular item is the AAX X-Plosion Hi-Hat cymbals. This monstrously loud set of hats incorporates the award-winning Sabian X-Plosion Crash design, and delivers a volatile attack that will surely cut through the largest venues and concert halls.

Sabian also designs brilliant effects cymbals, and the Sabian Chopper was specifically designed to perform rhythms and accents with a huge, raw sound. Whether you're a prog-rock virtuoso or a hard-hitting headbanger, the Sabian Chopper offers an entirely unique experience to all drummers and percussionists.

When it comes to cymbals, drummers are meticulous. Sabian knows that, which is why they're steadily working to meet the demands of the world's most conscientious players. And because of that dedication and passion, Sabian will forever remain a go-to choice amongst drummers and percussionist's of all playing levels.