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Samba Whistles

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Every style of music has its own unique character, a product of the instruments and techniques that make up the sound. Percussion is an important contributor to that character, and the samba whistle offers a distinctive contribution. On the modern stage, the samba whistle has found its way into multiple musical styles. The samba whistle produces three distinct tones. The percussionist controls the voice of the whistle by covering different combinations of the two side holes. This instrument is quick and easy to learn, and a little practice is all that's needed to master the skill of samba whistle playing, taking advantage of its characteristic sound to add excitement to your music. The samba whistle is a long-standing staple of Latin music. As its name suggests, it's especially prominent in samba, along with other Brazilian musical styles. Recent decades have seen increasing use of the samba whistle in other cultures and styles, particularly in dance music, where it has found a special niche. Also known as the "apito", the samba whistle is often heard at the beginning of a song. Its clear, projecting tones make it an easy instrument to follow. For this reason, the samba whistle is used to organize and conduct the band. One of the roles of percussion in any musical style is to guide the other musicians and keep time. The samba whistle is the perfect instrument to cue a large group of musicians, ensuring that each note of the song is perfectly coordinated. In its native styles of music, the samba whistle is frequently played alongside the timbales and cowbell. For these instruments it is a natural partner, and it's easily adaptable to complement any other percussion instruments just as well. You can take advantage of your creativity to use the samba whistle however it best suits your individual technique. Whether you play the samba whistle's native Latin styles or adapt its sound to bring character to other types of music, it's a simple and versatile percussion instrument that's quick to learn and always stands out. Take advantage of the sharp, clear tones of the samba whistle to provide cues for your bandmates and bring individuality to your sound.