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About Shure Motiv Microphones

Since Shure was founded in 1925, their innovative microphone designs have earned them praise from professional audio engineers and musicians worldwide. With technology improving by the second, it has never been easier to make a high-quality recording, and the Shure Motiv Series microphones just took things one step further. Offering you plug-and-play convenience for your mobile devices, Motiv microphones and recording solutions are just further proof why Shure is still a leader in the manufacture of microphones and audio electronics.

To start this section, turn your attention to the Motive MVi Digital Audio Interface. With USB and Lightning cables included, this digital audio interface can connect a standard XLR mic or 1/4" plug for guitar, bass or keyboard to your iOS device, Mac or PC. No doubt, the MVi is the best way to make a first-class digital recording and immediately share it with the world via email, text or SMS. Next up is the MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone. Boasting a retro design, this mic connects to any iOS device and is equipped with a Lightning connecter. Additionally, the microphone element swivels 90 degrees to capture sound in any direction. Another condenser mic to check out is the popular MV5. Like the MVi interface, this mic also comes with USB and Lightning cables and offers customized settings for music, podcasting and video chats.

For those who prefer a large-diaphragm condenser, look no further than the MV51. With its striking vintage appearance, the MV51 is a complete digital recording solution. It includes a headphone output, an integrated kickstand and a one-of-a-kind touch panel for quick access to gain, mute and volume adjustments. As a bonus, all Shure Motive microphones and recording solutions come with the free Motiv iOS app that allows you to make real-time adjustments to five selectable DSP preset modes (Speech, Singing, Flat, Acoustic Instrument, Loud). This app even lets you tweak the gain, equalization, compression and stereo width. Whatever you choose from the Shure Motive Series microphones, you can expect intuitive controls and smart technology that will surely blow you away.