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For over 40 years, UVI has been inspiring musicians and engineers from around the world with meticulously crafted software for professional audio production. With numerous industry awards, as well as constant praise of top recording artists, UVI's cutting-edge software instruments are continuously expanding, and their impressive lineup of synth and sampler software has something for every style and taste.

Throughout UVI's catalog, you'll discover an impressive range of synth and sampler software. If you're looking for a recommendation, start you search with the extremely popular UVI String Machines 11 Analog String Synths. The orchestral string sounds in this package were heard quite often back in the 70s when keyboard designers around the globe attempted to produce them through analog synthesis. And although the results were vastly different from what they were aiming for, the unique tonalities created by these analog string synths were still used on many famous albums of the time. Consisting of 11 vintage string synthesizers, UVI has spent countless hours working to perfectly capture the sounds of 70s analog synths and present them as an expressive, accessible, and totally editable digital tool.

For jazz enthusiasts, check out the UVI Jazzistic Jazz Production toolkit. A versatile collection of loops and tools dedicated to Jazz, this music library features instruments that were professionally multi-sampled in a commercial studio by expert musicians. In addition to these playable instruments, Jazzistic is also loaded with over 200 patterns in MIDI, and over 1,000 loops and phrases.

With digital technology improving by the second, the possibilities of what musicians and producers can aspire to in the studio is growing along with it. UVI's synth and sampler software is so extensive and state-of-the-art, there's no telling what kind of new and incredible music pieces you can compose. So when you're ready to taking your producing talents to the next level, you can bet that UVI has the synth and sample software you need to make a name for yourself.