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You have the skills... all you need now is the right tools and equipment to inspire you, and make the make the world take notice. For that, look no further than UVI for meticulously crafted virtual instrument software.

From drum machines to strings, synth and even avant-garde piano, UVI has something for every style and taste. In fact, UVI's impressive range of virtual instruments has earned them the respect and praise of professional recording artists such as Shaka Ponk, Cassius, and Dr. Dre's production team. Whether you're an experienced industry sound engineer or a budding amateur with a home studio setup, any audiophile with a passion for composing original music can benefit from UVI virtual instruments software.

For a software package that combines 50 vintage synthesizers and samplers into one user-friendly package, the UVI Synth Legacy Software Download allows you to explore a wide array of synthesis types including analog, digital and wavetable, vector and more. Amazingly dynamic and expressive, the Synth Legacy represents years of hard work to bring you a deep catalog of sounds from nearly any genre. Another superb choice is the UVI Darklight llx Vintage Dream Machine. This digital instrument was created in an effort to replicate the popular 80's synth that was used by many legendary artists, including David Bowie, Peter Gabriel and Michael Jackson. The result? UVI ended up making three in one: a digital synth, a digital drum machine and a multi-phaser. Extremely flexible and easy to use, the UVI Darklight llx Vintage Dream Machine is an ideal way to add 80's samples to your musical creations.

For more than two decades, UVI has been specializing in the development of software for desktop audio production. Used globally for their high quality sound and exceptional performance, UVI's extensive line of virtual instrument software is always expanding, and you'll find more than enough packages to broaden your engineering talents.