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If you work with stage effects and lighting, you probably already know the name Chauvet. They're one of the biggest suppliers to DJs and venues of all kinds, and their lights have been dazzling audiences for years. Though Chauvet is well-known for pushing the boundaries of technology to explore the limits of what lighting can be, it's a simple truth that the low-tech gear is still some of the most important. After all... no matter how advanced a lighting unit is, it needs a place to mount, so Chauvet stands & racks are easily some of the most crucial parts of an entire setup.

Most DJs and lighting techs have their own unique ways of getting the job done, but if there's one thing we all have in common, it's a solid collection of free-standing lighting stands. They provide a ton of versatility, not only in how their small footprints allow them to go anywhere, but also in how easy they make it to improvise parts of your lighting rig on the fly. Take the Chauvet CH-06 T Bar Lighting Stand for instance. It's as simple as can be, which makes it a quick, simple and well-rounded standby for tons of different uses. Of course, Chauvet hasn't left you out in the cold if you want something with a few more options: just check out the Lighting Stand CH-02 with TBAR and 2 Arms for some added versatility.

It goes without saying that the best stands and trusses in the world aren't worth very much unless you can actually attach your lighting and effects to them. For that, Chauvet makes a wide variety of different clamps and mounts. Your basic workhorse would be the CH03 Standard C-Clamp, and from there you can go as rugged or as fancy as you like. The Chauvet Truss Clamp, for instance, is solid enough for even the biggest and heaviest effects. And if you want a lot of freedom for positioning, don't miss the CLP-25N Narrow Swivel Coupler - it can really come to the rescue when you need to get creative with your rigging.

This section may be titled "Chauvet stands & racks," but equipment like the Chauvet Safety Cable and COLORband Mounting Bracket clearly show that there's more to find here than stands alone. So don't be shy to take a look - whether you're looking for a new stand or just the mounting hardware to make the most of what you already have, Chauvet has plenty of options to bring to the table.